A Do-It-Yourself Advertising Toolkit

For Website Owners, Resellers, Agencies and Advertisers

Addiply - the Advertising Toolkit

Buying and selling advertising online is difficult.

Addiply makes it simple - with a self-service advertising platform designed to make life easier whether you are a Website Owner, a Reseller, an Ad Agency or an Advertiser.

Website Owners

Website Owners

Find advertisers, sell ads, reach local businesses

  • Simple set up, free
  • No contracts, no risk
  • Nothing hidden
  • Complete control


Put your clients in-front of the right audience

  • No fuss, no contracts
  • Free registration
  • Measure, repeat ads
  • Clients become assets
Ad Agencies

Ad Agencies

Local and niche inventory at your finger tips

  • Precision targeting
  • Access new markets
  • Prime local positions
  • Complete Transparency


Buy ads you want, where you want them

  • Place your own ads
  • Pay as You Go
  • Easy set up
  • Clear reporting