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Access Local and Niche Audiences

Can you reach the demographics and local Ad inventory your client's demand?

National brands know that marketing on a local level increases sales and earns community loyalty.

Prime advertising positions locally help build close relationships and trust offering lasting value for any brand.

  • Addiply gives you access to local and niche online audiences
  • It's proven that marketing on a local level increase brand association
  • Make your client's brand seem local - match offers to local needs
  • Putting your client's brand front of mind locally is possible with Addiply's Tool Kit
  • Executing local campaigns effectively is important for National brands
  • Local Website Owners are on mobile too

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Advertising out of the box

Addiply Gives You The Tools To Access Local

Unlock new audiences for your clients.

The market is racing to meet the demands of National Brands who don’t have the right tools to manage Local Campaigns Effectively.

Addiply gives you the tools to effectively access HyperLocal and Niche market places.

It's important that Brands have a strong Local online presence - 85% of purchases happen within 15 miles of consumer homes or places of work.

With the majority of consumer budgets being spent just a few miles from home, Brands grabbing the opportunity are set to reach consumers when it matters.

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Brands Benefit From Going Local

85% of consumers are searching for local businesses and offers online and are looking to the emerging market of Hyper Local and niche platforms to meet their needs.

Advertising Association UK

Advertising during a sluggish economy creates a competitive advantage.

Online advertising spend is defying the economic downturn, with the latest quarterly figures released by the AA showing that online advertising continues to grow.

National Brands can seem remote to local people and have traditionally proven difficult to reach. It's proven that building closer relationships with local communities can result in people trusting your brand.”

Addiply can open the door to truly Local audiences, take your clients Brands to the next level - the Local level.

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