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What is Addiply?

Addiply is the People's Ad Network - a free, brand-safe, self-serve advertising platform that delivers publishers a marketing leading 85% revenue return.

With the impending arrival of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) across Europe this summer, Addiply restores an individual's right to online privacy by only offering potential advertisers access to simple sets of first party data.

For example, when cast in a specific local setting, it offers advertisers the where you are (roughly), not the who you are. As if it were a postcard placed in the window of your local Post Office or Main Street store. It is, after all, not rocket science to assume that anyone reading a football sports blog about Norwich City Football Club might also live in Norwich.

Addiply does NOT trade a reader's behavioral data with Wall Street. And nor does it auction off that first party data to the highest programmatic bidder.

By ripping out the invasive and costly complexities that bedevil the current advertising technology landscape with its rampant fraud and 'fake ad' friendly opacity, Addiply can then afford to make its simple and market-leading offer to web and mobile publishers - a straight 85% revenue return on any advertising spend driven through the platform. Addiply takes a mere 15% commission for facilitating that transaction.

It can also start to automate a commission sales offering for agency re-sellers - with the rates clearly and precisely defined by the publisher. And whether it be via a simple tenancy-based deal - cost per week or month - or by impression or click, Addiply is restoring a publisher's control over its advertising inventory.

Up to and including the need to pre-approve any advert before it goes live in front of a publisher's audience. As was the case in newspapers, a publisher now acts as the guardian to its community's well-being ad-wise - no more dark, pernicious political adverts as mastered by the likes of Cambridge Analytica will seep through in front of local audiences without the connivance of the local publisher.

Whom will then be held responsible for publishing any advertising that aims to denigrate, defile, deride or destabilize vulnerable elements within that community. By mapping individual publishers in their individual towns and neighborhoods, Addiply can again offer potential advertising clients a simple and safe way to visualize their target audiences without risking non-compliant location data platforms as out-lawed under GDPR.

This, in turn, should attract regional and national brand advertisers into the hyperlocal market-place as their agency partners seek to ensure brand safety GDPR-wise for their fee-paying clients.

Opening up rich new revenue streams for hyperlocal publishers previously reliant only on their local advertisers to sustain their journalistic living.

With a Public API coming soon, Addiply is designed to be at the heart of a new, vibrant developer community seeking their own, bespoke solutions to the huge questions currently surrounding the veracity and plurality of local media across the globe.

So, welcome to Addiply: The People's Ad Network.

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Investors and Awards

2012 - Systemsoft Corporation Tokyo

In December, 2012, Addiply took a significant Series A funding round from the SystemSoft Corporation of Tokyo, Japan, led by international 'Super Angel', Shozo Nakajima.

The six-figure investment into the platform was facilitated by the 'UKTI VC' team headed by Chris Wade and was welcomed by the Minister for Trade and Industry, Lord Green, as HM Government's new initiative to attract foreign investment in high-tech UK start-ups bore fruit.

Having won funding from both the Technology Strategy Board and NESTA - the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts - that summer, it completed a memorable year for the Addiply team on the funding front.

"Coming after the award of support from the Technology Strategy Board earlier this year, I am delighted to welcome this new investment in the company and wish it every success in the future," said Lord Green.

Four weeks later a Japanese language version of the platform was delivered to SystemSoft as Addiply seek new and exciting markets in Asia pacific.

2012 - TSB and NESTA

In the summer of 2012, Addiply was the only organisation in the UK to win funding out of both the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) and NESTA (National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts) as both sought answers to the question of sustainable business models in the field of local media.

The TSB competition - offering development funding for just ten winners - was titled 'Convergence In A Digital Landscape' and allowed Addiply to win public funding for its Public API development programme.

This will enable mobile and web developers to build again on Addiply's existing code base to seek fresh and bespoke solutions to their own needs to monetise the local content space.

The NESTA competition - titled 'DestinationLocal' - again only featured ten winners from 165 entries drawn from across the UK.

Addiply's winning project was to create a rural wifi portal for the village of Loddon in Norfolk. The local advertising income would then seek to sustain both the village's wifi infrastructure and a part-time village correspondent - hence the title #21VC, a 21st Century Village Correspondent.

The portal went live in May, 2013, and included the first deployment on the Addiply platform of the Voovio 'AdSweep' technology in a UK hyperlocal space.

2011 - Northstar Ventures

Northstar is a venture capital company dedicated to building successful high growth businesses across the North East of England. Northstar is actively investing three funds; the £20m Finance for Business North East Accelerator Fund; the £15m Finance for Business North East Proof of Concept Fund; and the £2.4m Finance for Business North East Creative Content Fund.

Northstar's funds provide an exciting opportunity for North East enterprises to access the capital they need to get started and grow. Northstar's experienced and approachable team are always keen to hear from entrepreneurs looking to develop their businesses and succeed.

The Proof of Concept and Accelerator Funds are backed by the European Investment Bank, One North East and European Regional Development Fund and form part of the £125m Finance for Business North East Fund. The Creative Fund is backed by the European Regional Development Fund.

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